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Aged Leads

Why Aged Leads and Why Link1st?

Since 2009, Link1st Solutions has served as the “friend in the leads business” to thousands of insurance agencies ranging from ambitious newcomers to old veterans looking keep up with the times.

We can offer tips on everything from sales strategies, phone scripts, and the latest marketing technologies. Most importantly, we give you a way to get Internet leads without running up your credit card bills.

The tidal wave of people requesting auto and home insurance quotes online over the last 20 years gave rise to Internet leads and the love/hate relationship agents have with them. Aspiring agents can’t ignore the millions of people looking online for their services, but paying $10-$15+ per lead can make it a costly numbers game to play. Most agencies don’t have a 5-figure marketing budget, and the cost of acquiring a single customer through Internet leads will often exceed $250-$300.

Link1st give you access to these potential customers and a way to stack the numbers in your favor. Since lots of internet shoppers either don’t make a decision right away or aren’t followed up on properly, reaching those same consumers weeks or even months after their inquiries can mean big production numbers at a fraction of the cost. That’s why aged leads work, plain and simple.

We collect leads from over 20 different sources and utilize cutting-edge data validation technology to verify and remove inaccurate information. We have both the volume of leads you need to keep activity up and the low prices to make you feel like you’ve got a friend in the industry taking care of you.

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