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How Much Do Aged Leads Cost?

When you’re buying aged leads, you’re buying in bulk, and the price you pay should reflect that. 

It’s no secret; one of the biggest benefits of aged insurance leads is they give agents a way to work a higher volume of leads at a much lower cost than other marketing methods. More prospects to work without a massive budget is a proven formula for growth.

But how many more leads and what kind of budget are we talking about? If you’re considering aged leads, you’re surely wondering, “How much do aged leads cost?”

The cost of real-time Internet auto or homeowners leads ranges anywhere from $4 – $20 apiece. A massive agency buying hundreds of leads a day is likely to see prices in the low range; smaller agencies can expect prices in the mid to high range.

Once a lead is a couple days old it can no longer be sold as a “new” lead, so as far as most lead companies are concerned, the value is greatly diminished. And because they depend on agents buying “new” leads, providers don’t offer aged leads to their customers. 

Through strategic, high-volume purchasing, Link1st Solutions bridges this gap between the need for lower-cost leads and the value still present in leads that aren’t “new” anymore.  

If your agency is small or you’re just looking to get your feet wet with a minimum order (500 leads), expect to pay $250 ($0.50 per lead). Once you have a system in place to work more leads and are placing larger orders (1,000-2,000), you’ll see per lead pricing in the $0.25 – $0.35 range. If you graduate to orders as big as 5-20 thousand, you can expect prices as low as 10 to 20 cents per lead.  

Offering leads at the lowest prices is often what first brings agencies our way, but it’s the little things we do to improve our customers’ experience that have kept them coming back for over 10 years. Link1st makes significant investment in both lead quality and customer service, which means the money you spend gets you more than just leads.  Read our monthly blog for the latest in aged leads.

Link1st provides the following quality control services at no additional cost:
• We run all leads through data verification software, removing fake leads and leads with incomplete/incorrect information
• All phone numbers are scrubbed against the Do Not Call List and re-scrubbed monthly
• Custom formatting, allowing leads to be uploaded into any CRM/management system
• Unrivaled customer support and education. We answer when you call, we get back to you when you email and if there’s a question we don’t have the answer for, we’ll find it. Check out our FAQs now.